Conference Times:

The conference will open on the evening of Wednesday, June 19.

The conference will close on the evening of Friday, June 21, with a reception.

On Saturday, June 22 there will be an excursion to one of the most important historic and religious sites in the area and we expect to be back to Belgrade by the late afternoon (evening) hours.

Travel Tips:
Airport Transfer:

If you are adventurous you can use one of many taxi vehicles that are waiting for passengers at the airport. If you do so be sure to check if the car has Taxi sign on the top of it and do not enter if the car is old or damaged. The price for the transportation should not be more than 20 EUR to the Hotel Moscow. Be sure to agree this with the driver in advance.

The Hotel Moscow recommends to you to use their Shuttle Services. If you would like to use this option you will need to arrange it directly with the hotel after you make the reservation.

The price list for the Shuttle Services can be found here: